Spring Regional Update

Mark your calendars for February 23-25, 2018 for our spring regional.

The METS chapter is putting together a great event in downtown New York city. The room rate of 139.00 plus taxes is an unbelievable rate for this area. Please see the  registration and hotel specifics are posted. PLEASE remember we will not be sending out paper copies of the registration and hope to make it a more unified process by having online registration with the exception being mailed in copies.

We are willing to make individual exceptions so please let me know if you have any concerns with this process. Thank you to the METS chapter for all their hard work.

13 Responses to “Spring Regional Update”

  1. Diane Pavicic

    Hello, I have a few questions about the regional.
    I will be signing up my self, my husband and our son today. Our older son may be able to join us sometime Saturday.
    -What time is the 9/11 Memorial trip?
    -Can I sign my older son up for the Saturday dinner on Saturday or do I need to do it now? I am still not sure if he is joining us.
    -What age is a child ticket for the trip? Child ticket for meals?
    Thank you,

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